Positive Progress of CNC Machine Tool Industry Made in China

In the year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, many “Made in China” made the world astonishing. State Grid Corporation’s “National Scenery Storage and Transportation Demonstration Project” became the world’s first innovative project for comprehensive development and utilization of new energy resources. The project of “Research and Development and Industrialization of High-speed Railway Train High Reliability Gear Drive System” by Zhongche Qishuyan Locomotive and Vehicle Technology Research Institute occupied the world’s high-speed technology. The first small molecule targeting anticancer drug in China is Exotinil Hydrochloride (Camena), which is independently developed by Bell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The birth of this drug is internationally known as “a new era of anticancer drug research in China”… These projects represent the highest level of “Made in China” and contribute “Chinese wisdom” to the world.

In 2016, China’s manufacturing power construction has been steadily advancing. Many gratifying changes have taken place in the manufacturing industry. A series of projects promoting supply-side structural reform have made positive progress, providing a strong innovation driving force for the revitalization of the real economy.

In 2016, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued the “guidance on deepening the integration development of manufacturing and the Internet”, coordinated the actions of “made in China 2025″ and “Internet +”, arranged 133 items of comprehensive standardization and new pattern application projects for Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, and arranged 61 projects in 47 directions of industrial strong foundation projects. In addition, the relevant departments have taken the lead in promoting core competitiveness, intelligent manufacturing, strong foundation engineering and other special projects around key areas. For example, the Development and Reform Commission has implemented seven key areas such as rail transit equipment, new energy vehicles and other major project packages, such as industrialization implementation plan and core competitiveness enhancement, and supported 852 projects in 2016. The Ministry of Finance has integrated and established a special fund for industrial transformation and upgrading, Made in China 2025.

The pilot demonstration work of Made-in-China 2025, which takes cities (clusters) as the carrier, has also been steadily promoted. At present, Ningbo, five cities in southern Jiangsu and six cities and one district in the West Bank of the Pearl River have been approved as pilot demonstration cities. In addition, pilot demonstration work has been initiated in some areas, such as smart manufacturing, integration of industry and finance, and the “three products” strategy of consumer goods industry. New modes and paths of manufacturing transformation and upgrading under the new normal conditions have been continuously explored to form replicable and popularizable experiences.


Over the past year since the implementation of “Made in China 2025″ strategy, five major projects, including the construction of manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing engineering, industrial strong foundation engineering, green manufacturing engineering and high-end equipment innovation engineering, have made considerable achievements. Especially in the field of intelligent manufacturing, there are many momentum of development and highlights of pilot demonstration work.

In Sany Heavy Industry of Changsha, Hunan Province, a excavator will be offline in 5 minutes; in Wuhan Meimei, Hubei Province, intelligent air conditioning can sense human body temperature and adjust it in time; in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, “China Power Valley”, the first domestic rail transit intelligent manufacturing line was born… All these show the charm of upgrading manufacturing to “intelligent manufacturing”.

With the deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry, positive progress has been made in key technical equipment, such as high-grade CNC machine tools, industrial robots, intelligent instruments and instruments; the popularization of intelligent manufacturing equipment and advanced technology in key industries continues; the pace of digitization, networking and intelligentization of manufacturing equipment in discrete industries has been accelerated; and process control and manufacturing persistence in process-based industries have been accelerated. With the popularization of the line system, the NC rate of key process has been greatly improved. Some new models of intelligent manufacturing that can be replicated and popularized have been gradually formed in typical industries, which lays a foundation for further promoting intelligent manufacturing.

From a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, there are still many areas to be remedied. At present, China’s manufacturing industry coexists with mechanization, electrification, automation and informationization. The coexistence of “multi-status quo” and “multi-demand” is doomed to continue exploring and trial-and-error in promoting intelligent manufacturing in China. On the one hand, we should rely on our own industrial foundation, take intelligent manufacturing engineering as the grasp, work together at both ends of R&D and application to promote the use of research so as to speed up the intelligent transformation of key areas; on the other hand, we should give full play to the scale and application advantages of China’s Internet, carry out industrial cloud, big data, Internet of Things application pilot projects, and promote large-scale personalized customization based on the Internet. The development of new manufacturing modes such as network collaborative manufacturing.

At the same time, compared with the developed industrial countries, to promote the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry in China, the environment is more complex, the situation is more severe, and the task is more arduous. Therefore, we must base ourselves on the national conditions and take a long-term view, seize the strategic opportunity period of the adjustment of global manufacturing division and the rapid development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, and guide enterprises to take a development path with Chinese characteristics in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Promoting the structural reform of supply side in manufacturing industry is of great significance for solving the outstanding contradictions and problems in manufacturing industry and speeding up the construction of a powerful manufacturing country. Only by making up for the shortcomings of China’s manufacturing industry as soon as possible, can we step into the ranks of the world’s manufacturing powers as scheduled in 2025.

Post time: Jul-16-2019